Easy Golf Downswing Tips Drill That Will Have You Hitting Longer, Straighter Golf Shots!

Published: 08th March 2011
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There's an easy golf downswing tips drill that will get you in the right position during your golf swing which will allow you to eliminate that nasty slice or that dreaded pull hook.

In the next few paragraphs you will discover just how easy and effective it really is.

Let's get started:

Improving your golf swing can be frustrating unless you have got the correct tips and techniques that will help you adjust specific aspects of your own swing style, body rotation, grip, and stance.

One can find dozens of small adjustments that you would be able to make. But, one of the most overlooked aspects of improving your golf swing is:

Taking notice of the position and movement of the hands & forearms when impact occurs.

Have you ever considered what is going on with your hands, wrists, and forearms? In the event you haven't, listen to this, since it really is
probably one of most important parts of a successful swing:

Pretend you're making real contact with the ball. Now take your trailing wrist and "flip it," exactly like casting a fishing line. This
flipping-wrist action is a fairly common problem among golfers.

It's also called a "Casting," and you don't want it.

However, the answer to ending this wrist break habit will improve your swing immensely.

In order to correctly flip your hands through the ball when contact is made....Pay attention to what your hands and wrists are doing. If
they aren't working right, try correcting the problem....

Here will be the easy golf downswing tips drill you can use on your next visit to the driving range:

Go get yourself a wrist watch. You'll be using it as a visual marker. It will help you learn the correct way to maneuver your hands.

Take your normal swing and as you approach impact with the ball, the leading arm must have the face of the watch pointing straight towards the target line.

If not then you know your hands are out of the right position at impact. Causing a slice or an over the top pool.

Simply work on this each and every time your on the range and when you finally get your hands trained to get that watch face pointing at your target line at impact you'll with out a doubt be on your way to hitting straighter, longer and much more accurate golf shots.

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