3 Crucial Tips To Stop Slicing A Golf Ball

Published: 10th September 2010
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If you cannot stop slicing a golf ball your scores will suffer! The game of golf is one of by far the most challenging games of skill on the planet. It may be lots of fun and rewarding but when you suffer from hitting a slice you will no doubt have more frustrating days on the golf course than fun ones.

In this article I'm going to go over three crucial tips that will make it easier to stop slicing a golf ball once and for all fix a slice in your swing so each and every time you go out to play a round of golf you can have more fun by scoring your best.

Stop Slicing Tip No. 1 - Proper Grip

I know, I know you've probably heard this a thousand times about having a good grip to stop slicing a golf ball. But, the truth of the matter is that if you don't have the appropriate grip you will be unable to cure your slice.

When you initially, grab the golf club you must make sure that you can see your knuckles. If the hand is to far underneath the club it'll restrict you from getting the hands through the ball at impact causing your club face to be left open and the only real thing you can do is slice the golf ball.

Listed below are 3 grips you ought to try which may help:

1) Baseball Grip

2) Overlapping Grip

3) Interlocking Grip

Stop Slicing Tip No. 2 - Proper Approach

The proper approach to the golf ball is the second most important thing when it comes to stop slicing and fix a slice in your golf swing. If you simply just step up to your golf ball and make your swing you might be lined up to far to left or to far to the right.

The best way to approach a golf ball at address is to begin directly behind the golf ball. Evaluate where you would like to hit your shot and then pick a small object (a piece of grass or debris) about 4 to 5 inches directly in front of the ball.

you have to envision a straight line from the golf ball to your target. When approaching the ball simply try to line up the club face with that small target just in front of the ball. By doing this will likely allow you to be in the absolute best position to hit the golf ball at your target.

Stop Slicing Tip No. 3 - The Back Swing, Follow Through & Impact

After you've taken the appropriate grip and have got your body properly lined up with your target you might want to then only think of 3 things.

1) Taking The Club Back On A Straight Line

2) Swing Inside Out

3) Rotating The Hands At Impact

Taking the club back on a straight line is essential to stop slicing a golf ball when making the golf swing. you ought slowly lift the club back attempting to keep the club straight while turning your hips and shoulders.

Once you've got your turn and the club is straight back try to not let the club head lead the way. By doing this will cause you to come over the top of the golf ball causing a outside in swing path that will lead to a slice or a hard pull.

When trying to swing out on the downswing try to get yourself to think about trying to hit the golf ball towards right. I know this sounds somewhat crazy because if you slice a golf ball that is what your trying to avoid but golf is a game of opposites and by doing this believe me it is going to work.

After you take the club back on a straight line and try to make your first swing path move out concentrate on smoothly rolling your wrists and hands through the golf ball at impact. By doing this can allow you to get the club back to square making your shots go straighter with the end result being a straight shot at your target.

In Closing:

To stop slicing and fix a slice in your golf swing you will need to simply dedicate yourself to working on the three fundamentals listed above. If you'll simply have the correct grip, proper alignment and proper swing path you will be astounded at your end results.

I hope you were able to get some valuable information from reading this article.

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